Turn Your Employee Benefits Into a Competitive Advantag

Employee benefits (should be) an essential part of any business. They are part of what makes your company appealing to potential employees, and many times the central reason they consider working for one organization over another. While most people can see how important they are, many businesses fail when it comes to offering them because they don’t understand the real difference they can make. The Importance of Benefits As an organization, offering employee benefits helps separate you from the competition. Offering benefits shows that your organization cares about your employee’s health, stability, education, and future. According to, 80% of employees say they would stay with employers who offer benefits over obtaining a new position without them. In addition, close to 50% of employees in small businesses said their benefits are extremely or very important to their workplace happiness. What Are Work Benefits? Work benefits are additional offerings an employe

What is a PEO?

  What is a PEO? In short, a PEO is an outsourced service company that coordinates the employment of your employees. They charge you a flat fee each month so you can focus on running your business. Are you looking for expert service to ensure compliance is being met at all levels of your organization? That’s what a PEO specializes in: designing and administering benefits, human resources, and employment solutions that will allow you to focus on what’s most important – running your business. What is the meaning of a PEO? A good thing to understand before working with a PEO is what the acronym stands for. PEO is short for Professional Employer Organization. For small and mid-sized businesses, hiring a PEO to handle benefits, HR, payroll, unemployment, and more is a recommended option. As all businesses are still dealing with coronavirus, PEO clients during the pandemic are 58% less likely to have permanently closed and 82% more likely to have operations back to normal, or better. PEOs E