A Note From Steve

COVID 19 is real, highly commutable, and very dangerous to certain members of our society. It needs to be taken seriously. We need to follow the guidelines of the real scientist who work hard to protect families, employees, and customers. My heart and prayers go out to tens of thousands of families who have lost loved ones. These prayers are personal, and God does hear and respond to them. If we are wise trying times help us grow in faith otherwise, we fall victim to “the science” of political correctness.

The term “the science” is not new, but the meaning is. From the beginning of time, man has searched what is true. Within nature, we have learned processes and procedures for separating theories from the facts. Which led to enlightenment that enriched our lives. We came to view the study of science for what it was, valuable and at times, necessary for good decision making.

Naturally, we sent our hopes of the future, our treasured children, off to the billion-dollar institutions of higher learning to be taught among many things “the science” behind nature. Then came theoretical science, in physics theoretical science holds great value. In many aspects of nature, the theories not yet been proven, but studied and contemplated from every conceivable aspect has value.  There are limits to all of this and if you hold billions in endowments those limits are becoming more and more blurred with each passing day and every dollar gained.

Our nation’s Universities have made the change from teaching our children facts to teaching theories. Beyond that, they are taught to proselytize theories in the name of science. The new in vogue phrase for doing so is “the science”.  If I can control the narrative and the crowd (much like a university professor or the leader of China's communist party) then I can control “the science”! Remember, science is the study of nature. Nothing about God's nature has changed.

 Human nature is ever-changing.  I am not selling it as science, this is my opinion. Do your research, get facts, separate them, and form opinions. Scientist Neal Ferguson is solely responsible for the lockdown of the United Kingdom yet refused to obey his lockdown orders. We have countless examples of politicians and so-called media doing the same thing in America.

We as business owners must make real decisions about the wellbeing of our business, families, and communities. Political correctness works social media with mob rule and controls: the narrative, speech, and now “the science”.  We need to listen to the studies of nature and weight them against the facts we know. It is not prudent to take the word of scientists like Ferguson because they are blinded by ideology and ulterior motives. Blinded by new religion known as “the science”.  I would rather look at all the facts and make prayerful decisions based on real science and ultimately my faith rather than following these fools off the economic cliff.

- Steve Stoops


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